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For someone who’s working on a write-up, it is sometimes challenging to be original and authentic. What if someone else copies their work and publishes it as their own? What if the content, thesis or article they are working on […]

For someone who’s working on a write-up, it is sometimes challenging to be original and authentic. What if someone else copies their work and publishes it as their own? What if the content, thesis or article they are working on does not pass the plagiarism tests? We live in the era of superfast search engines and lots and lots of data. Perform a simple web search and millions of results show up instantly. And if you dig deeper, you might find most of those search results seem to be presenting the same idea. The words might be a little different or paraphrased, but originality is compromised.

Whether it is the academic sector or digital marketing space, plagiarism is a serious concern and most frowned upon issue. For your business reports or university thesis, you wouldn’t want to be accused of cheating or copying. If you are referencing someone else’s content, it is a good idea to cite references. Similarly, in the digital community, search engines would penalize your websites for plagiarism with poorer SEO ranks. Thus, leaving your marketing strategies goes to waste and loses a potential audience. Here are some popular and great tools that can ease your plagiarism checking troubles.

  • PaperRater
    If you are a professional content writer or an enthusiastic blogger, PaperRater is a good place to start. It’s a simple tool that can help you with different aspects of your writing journey. You can do grammar checks and proofread, do basic plagiarism checks and get suggestions for improvements. However, saving results and reports aren’t in the picture.
    You can check up to 5 pages at a time in the basic (free) version. With a few additional features like file uploads and improved processing in the premium version.
  • Plagiarism Checker
    Next on the list is a free user-friendly tool called Plagiarism Checker. Using this is quite intuitive and you can easily check for duplicate content. The tool is completely free and gives you an option to search between academic and web content. However, you can only search for results against Google and Yahoo search engines. If you want to use something else, this might not work for you.
  1. Copyleaks
    When it comes to choosing a plagiarism checker, Copyleaks is among the top few choices. It provides an all-around ecosystem to run your plagiarism checks and manage the content. Designed for both academic and business purposes, the app lets you analyse your content across millions of available resources. Moreover, you can use Copyleaks for a variety of different file formats, languages and content types. Its AI-powered engine and dynamic API support let you integrate it with most of your word editors as well.
    You can sign up for a free account and use the basic features. Or choose from a variety of subscription plans based on your needs. Both for business and education, you can choose options based on your usage and searches.
  2. Plagiarisma
    A great and simple tool that makes your student and professional life easier, Plagiarisma. No matter what language your content is, or what you are working on, this handy copy checker can handle it for you. Plagiarisma supports close to 200 languages and so you have a whole bunch of options. Moreover, it supports all popular and even less used file formats, giving you greater freedom. Users – students, teachers or writers, can use web URL, text or upload files for checking. You can also use this add-on on your web browser and get going.
    However, you would have a limitation on the number of checks you can do per day for the free version. If you are an extensive user and need better options, there are various payment plans and premium subscriptions. Based on your needs, you can opt for monthly or multi-user plans and unlimited searches.
  3. Copyspace
    There is another name that is popular among content managers and writers, and that’s Copyscape. The tool is quite seamless and user-friendly and gives a good bunch of results. The free version of the tool will provide you with basic details and results, highlighting the copy results. These check results are fairly superficial and might not be handy if you are a professional writer. On the other hand, for the premium variant, you might have to spend a little for quality results, each scan gives you an extensive report and a more accurate analysis.
    Like most other plagiarism checkers, CopyScape supports URL based searches. Additionally, you can set up notifications and some more advanced features by paying a decent amount.
  4. Writecheck
    As far as the trial versions and free tools are concerned, Writecheck isn’t one of them. Instead, it is a premium plagiarism checker that is designed specifically for academic writers. The tool grants access to some of the more premier publications and to analyse your work against them. The subscription and scan prices for Writecheck is fairly on the pricier side, but it can provide you with quite comprehensive results. Sadly, you cannot get a trial for this tool, meaning no free checks. You would have to pay and signup for even a single-use.

Referring to someone’s ideas or taking pointers from their book isn’t something new. In the current digital landscape, access to data is easier and much easier to copy. But neither the educational committees nor the SEO analytics treats it well. Search engines like Google and Bing follow a stringent metric to rank and evaluate websites for search results. And content quality, relevance and originality hold a significant weightage in that equation. If your content does not perform well on the plagiarism evaluations and acceptable thresholds for similarity, your SEO rank suffers. If you need to refer to other content, quote ideas or copy certain information, cite references for the same.

And before you publish or submit any content, make sure you cover all your bases. Do thorough proofreading, check your facts and most importantly do a plagiarism check. Hopefully, the tools listed above would come in handy and make your experience easier and seamless.