University of Phoenix Celebrates the Service Members Who Have Won National Guard of the United States 2022 Future Phoenix Scholarships


University of Phoenix, in association with We Care for America Foundation, the charitable branch of the Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States (EANGUS), has announced its 2022 Future Phoenix Scholarship winners. The scholarships offer bachelor’s degree […]

University of Phoenix, in association with We Care for America Foundation, the charitable branch of the Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States (EANGUS), has announced its 2022 Future Phoenix Scholarship winners. The scholarships offer bachelor’s degree or master’s degree programs to current enlisted National Guard service members and members of their immediate families.

This year, three service members from across the U.S. are the recipients of full-tuition scholarships. They plan to pursue master’s degrees in industrial-organizational psychology, cybersecurity and business management.

Serving the Military Community

Veterans and active military members can often face unique challenges when transitioning into a civilian workforce and pursuing education or employment pathways. That’s why University of Phoenix has committed to serving the educational goals of military students and providing invaluable support for entry into careers.

Eric Ryan, Marine Corps veteran and senior director of Military Operations at the University, describes how, as one of the largest, leading online higher education institutions, University of Phoenix considers serving the military-affiliated community an “honor and privilege.

“We hold the firm belief that our military and veteran students will take their place among leaders who guide the world into a brighter future,” Ryan says. He adds that the Future Phoenix Scholarships and the career-focused education they offer represent the University’s investment in that future.

University of Phoenix and EANGUS

The largest enlisted reserve component association in the U.S., EANGUS, has its headquarters in Washington, D.C. with branches in every state and territory and more than 48,000 members nationwide. Established in 1970, the association’s mission is to give a voice to enlisted National Guard individuals, retirees and their families on Capitol Hill.

EANGUS’ alliance with University of Phoenix dates back to 2011. The collaboration has resulted in dozens of full and partial tuition scholarships being awarded to EANGUS members or their immediate family members.

At the announcement of the 2022 Future Phoenix Scholarships, the president of EANGUS, Command Sergeant Major (Ret) Karen Craig, extended the association’s congratulations to the three winners. She went on to reinforce EANGUS’ pride in its continued alliance with University of Phoenix, adding that EANGUS appreciated the University’s “ongoing commitment to furthering the educational pursuits of the enlisted men and women of the National Guard and their families.”

The Gift of Education

This year, the Future Phoenix Scholarship winners are Kevin Brun, Richard Ibah, and Duane VanDeVendel. Brun, a state command chief who has served in the Nevada Air National Guard for 14 years, hopes to pursue a Master of Science in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at University of Phoenix. Upon completion, he will be the first in his family to hold a master’s degree qualification.

Brun called the scholarship an “incredible opportunity” and emphasized the “tangible difference” the master’s degree would allow him to make in civilian and military workplaces and “facilitate the changes we need for the future.” He added, “These skills are how we build and lead a genuinely inclusive workforce and celebrate the power of a diverse team.”

Ibah, an information technology specialist who has served with the New Mexico National Guard since 2015, will go on to pursue a Master of Science in Cybersecurity with the University. Grateful for being one of the three winners, Ibah shared his thankfulness for the opportunities the country and the National Guard have afforded him and promised he would “continue to always pay it forward.”

Having served more than 23 years with the South Dakota Air National Guard, VanDeVendel, a human relations SR specialist, plans to undertake a Master of Management at University of Phoenix. He described winning the scholarship as a “distinct and humbling honor” and thanked the University for its dedication to and support for military members.

Committed to Veteran Learners

Alongside its alliance with EANGUS and the National Guard scholarships, University of Phoenix is a certified Arizona Veteran Supportive Campus. This certification recognizes the support that the University provides for its student veterans, staff and faculty through implementing veterans’ programs, resources and awareness and meeting the Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services C.A.R.E. criteria: Connect to the Culture, Ask the Right Questions, Respond Effectively and Engage in the Military/Veteran Community.

Through its strong relationships with military professional associations, the University acknowledges and continues to support the unique needs and strengths of veterans in higher education.

About University of Phoenix

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